Sam Matienzo

Sam M. – Unleashing the Power Within

Hi there, I'm Sam, originally from the Philippines, and I've had quite a journey. My education led me to become a veterinarian, a path that I'm still passionate about. But my life took an unexpected turn when I discovered my love for fitness. You see, I was never a sporty person growing up due to my struggles with asthma and allergies. It wasn't until after university when my weight started becoming a concern. My physician recommended I join a gym, and that's when my fitness journey began.

In Dubai, I found my way into group fitness, starting with group aerobics and strength conditioning. I was so inspired by the experience that I became a certified instructor, eventually specializing in spinning. I thrive on challenging workouts, whether it's through high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or box fitness.

My coaching philosophy is all about inclusivity. I want every rider in my spinning classes to face a personal challenge that's suitable for all levels, from beginners to athletes. It's about helping each individual discover their true potential, both physically and emotionally. I firmly believe that being fit is a key element in achieving longevity and a fulfilling life.

Apart from fitness, I'm an unapologetic cat person and a huge fan of trance and electronic music. So, if you're looking for a coach who's passionate about helping you achieve your best self, physically and emotionally, I'm here to guide you on that transformative journey. 

Let's embrace the challenge and bring about the change you've been seeking. 

My Mantra is “If you can only be one thing, be kind”.

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