Bendy Lama

Hello, I'm Lama, a devoted lover of stretching and flexibility, despite never engaging in sports during my youth. My joys include reading thrilling books, indulging in copious amounts of coffee, and strolling in nature. 

My passion for yoga ignited after my first class in 2018, where I found myself drawn to splits, backbends, and contortion styles. Eventually, I pursued and obtained RYT certification, prompting a career shift from full-time teaching to becoming a yoga instructor.

Teaching yoga and flexibility is now an integral part of my life. I relish sharing my love for yoga and stretching, emphasizing their importance for the body. My classes center on stretching and alignment, aiming to strike the delicate balance between strength and flexibility in every posture through focused breath and pose-holding. Join me in the journey of enhancing your well-being and finding the harmony between strength and flexibility. 

My life mantra is 'I can do it.'

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