Sam Hughes

Hello, I'm Sam, a Pilates Reformer/Matwork instructor and Personal Trainer from the UK. Over the last decade, my passion has been guiding individuals in transforming their bodies into the healthiest and strongest versions of themselves.

A little fun fact about me: I used to be a Supercar track day Instructor.

After a significant journey in Motor Racing and event management, I took a break to travel across Australia and Asia. Upon returning to the UK, I decided to retrain in a field of natural interest. I earned qualifications in Personal Training and specialized in Matwork and Reformer Pilates, contributing my enthusiasm and knowledge to build a strong and loyal client base while working for a Private Health Hub.

I thrive on pushing individuals past their limitations, firmly believing that genuine growth happens outside comfort zones. Every training session is customized to challenge inner strength and resilience, and with a motivating approach, I ensure that each person not only reaches their goal but exceeds it.

To me, a community is a group united by a common interest, and at Mantra, it's Health and Wellness.

My mantra serves as a self-affirmation, offering stress reduction, boosted self-confidence, and enhanced overall mental and physical health.

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